The Insanity

I am at 5 1/2 out of 8 weeks of Insanity. They weren't lying when they said it was an extreme workout program. The schedule is that you workout extremely hard 6 days a week for 63 days. In addition you follow the nutrition guide which gives you choices for your 5 meals a day to reach your predetermined caloric needs. All meals are protein packed to help you fuel your body for the insane workouts.

The reason I began this workout program was I was becoming disgusted by the baby pouch that jiggled when I walked. I also knew that the program was hard and wanted to gain confidence in myself for completing it. The first month I followed the plans pretty much to a T. Although, I did have a few treats that were off limits.

I'm making this post now because I am pretty much pooped out on "digging deeper" and cannot follow through with the 63 days as the program is written out. I am back to basically eating what I like, although I have added some items from the guide that I like to my usual eats. I took a few days off from working out and when I do the workouts I take it easy on myself. I take a break to pet my cat that joins me every night, circling me hoping I will remember by first baby needs some love too.

I plan to continue doing the workouts when I can, but not to the point of making myself upset over it like I was the first month. I am not disappointed in myself for not completing the program as strictly as I had intended. I worked out harder than I have in my entire life and have received excellent results. This program is about getting stronger and I know that I have. I went from 8 to 21 push up jacks in a minute! I have never seen my arms look this toned. I still have the baby pouch when I am not flexing my abs but I would much rather keep it than go back to my old stomach and life without my daughter.

And FYI, sometimes no matter how much you work out your weight stays where its at. I believe our bodies have a weight that they like to remain at. At least my body does. My body returned to that weight after I had Aurora without much work and with all the work I've been doing hasn't budged. Sometimes I have fantasised that I would be able to say that I was 110 pounds. But guess what, I never will. At least not without starting crack of something else equally awful. So, I embrace my weight. I accept my body and am thankful for the life it allows me to live.

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