My baby does not like to sleep

My baby does not like  to sleep. She will not do it with my boobie. She will not do it watching a movie. She doesn't want to rock in a chair. She doesn't want to anywhere. She will not sleep bouncing on a ball. She doesn't while I'm pacing down the hall. She will not sleep when she cries it out. She doesn't tire while I pat it out.  She doesn't relax while I'm in the room. She doesn't sleep in her swaddle costume. She doesn't care about pick up put down. She won't sleep driving through town. She will not sleep through the night. She will not ever sleep without a fight. 


I am the great and powerful

Today was a day worth remarking. I conquered the world today. It all started with Kangoo. A workout named after kangaroos my friends is a workout worth trying. You strap on bouncy boots and accelerate your heartbeat to full blast and it ain't easy to keep that up. Especially when you had a couple babies and haven't kept up on your kegals. You don't have to run to get a runners high. At the workouts completion I might as well have added the ladies in my class to list of people to buy Christmas crap for. When you go through tough stuff with people they become family. Even if the tough stuff is over after 60 minutes. 
Then there was some regular stuff that happened At the house. Mothering the babes and what not. 
But then I busted the boundaries of what can and can't be done with kids. My ugly yard just keeps getting uglier waiting for a day when someone can watch the kids so I can take care of things. But then I thought a glorious thought I CAN DO THIS NOW. So I did it! I conquered those hedges! I chopped down those weed stalks. I got out the ol heavy duty extension cord, put sensitive Aurora in the rocking chair on the inside of the glass where I could keep an eye on her and the teething baby in her excersaucer near me and those little chicas beheld how awesome their mother is when she kicks the shit out of ugly overgrowth. 
Now that's a powerful woman who can take care of what needs to be done so that time isn't wasted wishing and waiting.