Momster Vs. Todzilla

Today's showdown begins with a dual between the opponents at the end of the church mom's club play date. Todzilla is adamant that, although she seemed completely disinterested in interacting with the rest of the kids moments earlier, it is not time to go. As Momster gets the car seat straps ready for the capture, off goes Todzilla and in a flash she's at the top of the steps knocking on the house door. In sweeps Momster, grabbing Todzilla horizontally and with much wailing and thrashing she's buckled in.
Score Momster: 1 Todzilla: 0
For lunch, Momster brings out the soup. She gets a couple good spoonfuls in but ultimately Todzilla has the upper hand. Momster should have known better than to use soup as her weapon. She and the carpet are doused with defeat.
Score Momster: 1 Todzilla: 1
Next arena, the bedroom. To nap or not to nap. Momster uses her special bounce power to lull Todzilla close to sleep and confines the beast to her cage. All she can do and wait and see if the spell will hold. After 20 minutes she sees that it won't and gives it another go. This time it takes and Todzilla is out.
But 30 minutes in, a sneaky cough awakens the beast and Momster is forced to bring out her rocking attack. The attack seems iffy and the sleeper isn't solid but we will count it as a win for Momster.
Score Momster: 2 Todzilla: 1
For the next dual we will take the opponents out of their usual environments. From previous showdowns, Momzilla is in need of repairs so the two head of to a chiropractor. As Momzilla, lays down icing her damaged spine in preparation for repair Todzilla is practicing her combat moves and battle cries. She climbs stools and steals equipment. Then its time. She is ready to make her next move. She executes Project: Stinker! "I poop!," she cries. Momster is forced to abandon her repair efforts to save all humankind confined in the clinic. Away she goes, skeleton bathroom key in hand, Todzilla in toe. A double circle around the building later they enter the restroom only to discover it was a trick! The "poop" was only a toot. Good thinking little Todzilla.
Score Momster: 2 Todzilla: 2
On the way out, the two peaceably pick up some Ala Carte hot food from Whole Foods to take home and some cookies to keep Todzilla occupied for the drive. The drive goes without incident.
At home, the feasting begins. Todzilla takes a big bite of mashed potatoes, but in mid swallow decides they are the nastiest thing she's ever tasted. Up come the potatoes followed by the digesting cookies which land right in Momster's lap. With the smell of vomit permeating the room Momster gives up the feast. Everyone loses in this dual.
Score Momster: 1 Todzilla: 1
To make things quick I'll give a quick overview of the rest of the night.
Bath time: Score Momster: 2 Todzilla: 1
Toenail Hygiene : Score Momster: 2 Todzilla: 2
Teeth Hygiene: Score Momster: 3 Todzilla: 2
Bedtime Routine: Score Momster: 3 Todzilla: 7 (1 for every book she got me to read.)
So with the results tallied it looks like Todzilla came out on top today. But that's okay because Momster needs less sleep than Todzilla and can spend the next hour before she collapses scheming how she will be Numero Uno tomorrow.
Hope you all won your battles today!


My Lavish Life as a Doctor's Wife

My least favorite thing to hear out of people's mouths when they talk with me about my husband's busy schedule and what life is like for my family during the doctor training years is "It will all be worth it in the end."

So your telling me that when this is all over and my husband is a board certified specialist that I will saying how grateful I am that I raised our children practically single handed, that I learned all there is to know about house maintenance because I had to fix everything myself, and that I will be so proud that relationship that has grown the most from all of this the one between my mom and I through our long distance phone calls?

Get real people! Most doctors don't even make that much money!
So what would be an appropriate response to the news that I haven't spent an enjoyable evening with my husband in quite some time?

Thank You.

I'm sorry just makes me feel worse for myself.

Thank You is nice because is shows gratitude for what I am going through. This response helps me feel good about my family sacrificing in order to provide better health and happiness for others. A hug and a pat on the back with a your doing a great job would be nice too.

P.S. I'm pretty sure thank you would also be the appropriate response to a family living through a military deployment, but I haven't been in the military boat long enough to tell you for sure.


Praises for Glennon

I, along with thousands of others, have found reason to be truly grateful. That reason is Glennon Melton. She is the author of Momastery. She is the answer to my post Why Do I Blog. I need her and she is what I have been searching for all my blogging years. In all honestly, I wish her blog was mine.
I try to be open in my writing, but I am not shameless. I am not as brave as she. She writes without censorship. She writes the "brutiful" truth about life, parenting, and marriage. I'm sure that sharing that truth puts a strain on her marriage. So I thank Glennon's husband as well for allowing her to share the truth about her marriage with us.
Thanks to her blog I feel okay with me. I feel okay with my marriage. I feel okay that I don't absolutely love my daughter 100% of the time.
So thank you Lord for bringing this wonderful strong woman into my life!