Praises for Glennon

I, along with thousands of others, have found reason to be truly grateful. That reason is Glennon Melton. She is the author of Momastery. She is the answer to my post Why Do I Blog. I need her and she is what I have been searching for all my blogging years. In all honestly, I wish her blog was mine.
I try to be open in my writing, but I am not shameless. I am not as brave as she. She writes without censorship. She writes the "brutiful" truth about life, parenting, and marriage. I'm sure that sharing that truth puts a strain on her marriage. So I thank Glennon's husband as well for allowing her to share the truth about her marriage with us.
Thanks to her blog I feel okay with me. I feel okay with my marriage. I feel okay that I don't absolutely love my daughter 100% of the time.
So thank you Lord for bringing this wonderful strong woman into my life!

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