Toddler For Rent

Goes all day without recharging.
Runs off of candy and snacks.
Huge Imagination.
Constant Talker.
Nonstop Adventurer.
Please Rent! Her mommy need a break!


Pregnancy sucks

There is no time during pregnancy where things are good for me. But I'd have to say that it's the worst right now. I hurt very badly. My hip was messed up before I got pregnant and it's gotten worse. My pelvic bones are all loose and painful when I walk. I feel like my lady junk weighs 10 lbs so standing for even short periods hurts. The baby kicks and punches aren't cute anymore, they are sharp. The worst part is knowing it will be like this or worse for the next 8 weeks. I realize there are people who would say they'd love to be in my position and be with child. And I feel bad for their situation. But if they ever do get pregnant they will realize pregnancy, even with the promise of a child, SUCKS. Or maybe there's will be awesome and they will just call me a whiner.