See My Heart, Not My Past

Its hard to believe I wrote my last post in May and that I'm in the exact same spot again mentally. I don't know if it was the move that distracted me or that old habits die hard. Probably both.
I listened to a Live Facebook broadcast from Trent Shelton, founder of Rehab Time, last night. His focus phrases for the evening were "See My Heart, Not My Past" and "What are you going to do about it?". I don't know of Trent Shelton's past but he often talks about how he is perceived by his critics. He says that even though he now has become very successful in a way that is fulfilling to him and is inspiring a lot of people with his organization Rehab Time, people from his past want to hold him to an identity tied to mistakes from his past.
He says those people are likely doing this because they have not had the courage to progress from how they were living their lives when they knew the old him. It makes them feel better to invalidate his progress because they have not progressed. He challenges others to see his heart, his desire to make a positive impact in the world, and not get stuck on his past mistakes. But even if others refuse to see his heart, he knows the truth about himself. He knows him greatness.
I know that in my life I am the one who sabotages myself. There is no one telling me my value is little but me. I disregard my heart and focus on my past. I am holding myself back by tying myself to a negative identity. When I view myself through such a dark lens it is no wonder change is so hard.
We really don't need the support of others to step into our greatness. The only person we truly need on our team is ourselves. And I have not showed up.
And knowing all this, what am I going to do about it?
Knowing a thing is of little use if it changes nothing.
I know a lot of things I didn't used to know and yet I am behaving in very similar ways as I always have.
I want to have the courage to move on from behaviors that hold me back. I want to believe in my greatness and stop the criticism and doubt. I want to show my little girls how to be strong and mirror self love.
Now is the time. I'm on my team.