I never want to forget...

How many times we've seen Snow White and Dora's Pirate Adventure.
How adorable and involved you are at Gymboree.
The way you call Cabello's name when you want to give him a treat.
How much you love cheese.
How well you take care of your babies; feeding them, patting their backs, getting them in bed with their pillow and blanket.
The way you smile or giggle when you see something funny.
How fun you think it is to snuggle with your blankets in your bed.
The way you can get your daddy to do anything you want.
How you manage to have your socks and shoes off every time I go to get you out of your car seat.
How excited you get over the mail.
The way you pretend to read your books.
How you grab my hand and tell me "Come on".
The way it feels to snuggle with your head against my chest.
The way you don't like me out of your sight.
You are such a sweet little momma's girl!
Happy Half Birthday Aurora!


Boo Boo Bunny and other crafts

The simplest ideas can be so useful. Take this beauty, the Boo Boo Bunny. Its used to entice your child to put ice on their newly banged up noggin or knee. While he or she may not want a bag of peas or corn on their boo boo, they will think having a bunny is fun! After this was introduced at MOPS today, I googled Boo Boo Bunny and found a lot of other cute ones with eyes and such but why not keep it simple and use whatever washcloth you have around at the time and then throw it in the wash afterward without having to worry about its eyes falling off.

So here is how its done.

1. Fold up the bottom corner.

2. Fold up the top corner.
3. Put some ice in the middle.

4. Bring up the ends and fasten an elastic band around them.
5. Use your imaginations to convince your cutie that this is Boo Boo Bunny who will make their owie feel better.
My other recent projects:
Made these Milk Jug Ghosts for my kitchen.
And I also made these Ribbon Curtain Hold Backs for my daughter's curtains.



I'm gonna start up front by saying that if you are visiting my blog today for some light fluffy reading today you might as well get lost. Also feel free to click the red X if your gonna jump to a judgement about me and be a miss prissy perfect pants.
So as you may guess I am not feeling well today. I happen to feel this way every month for about a week or two. Ironically, although I am asking you to not judge me, I am currently the biggest judge of all.
Yes I am judging you, people who watch me struggle with Aurora at church and just stare. I am judging you too stupid driver who is so aggressive that you about back into me to get to your precious parking spot and then throw your hands up in the air at me. I am judging you woman on the sidewalk who refuses to smile back. And lastly, my loving family who misses me so much that I have to practically beg you to Skype.
I freaking hate people so much right now. Is some kindness and consideration too much to ask?

Okay I feel better now. Your all lucky I got on some antidepressants last month or this could have been a lot worse.