I never want to forget...

How many times we've seen Snow White and Dora's Pirate Adventure.
How adorable and involved you are at Gymboree.
The way you call Cabello's name when you want to give him a treat.
How much you love cheese.
How well you take care of your babies; feeding them, patting their backs, getting them in bed with their pillow and blanket.
The way you smile or giggle when you see something funny.
How fun you think it is to snuggle with your blankets in your bed.
The way you can get your daddy to do anything you want.
How you manage to have your socks and shoes off every time I go to get you out of your car seat.
How excited you get over the mail.
The way you pretend to read your books.
How you grab my hand and tell me "Come on".
The way it feels to snuggle with your head against my chest.
The way you don't like me out of your sight.
You are such a sweet little momma's girl!
Happy Half Birthday Aurora!


  1. I love her. She's soo cute! She's such a good mommy to her babies because you take such good care of her. =)

  2. Could she BE any cuter? Loved it!

  3. She is so sweet. I love remembering these little things.
    Too bad she and Mercer can't be scarfing cheese together. :)