About This Blog

This blog is a place for me to start to Move On. A large part of moving on from negative thoughts and emotions, for me, is to talk about them. I begin to feel like a volcano that is about to explode because of all the negative thoughts building pressure in my brain. So I have reinvented this blog as a place for me to break script  and say how I am really feeling. Please don't assume that because I sound crazy and instable on my blog that I should be labeled as such. Whatever I've said is just how I am feeling at the time and normally the morning after my blog post I am feeling all better. Just releasing pressure here! No need to panic. I don't imagine many people read my blog anyway, but in case you are, the best thing you could do for me after reading one of my rants is to break script as well and relate to what I've just said in some way. The crazier you make yourself sound, the better I will feel.
And maybe I will share some happy stuff too, if we are lucky.