Fall Bucket List

I wanted to do lots of fun things this Fall since it would be the first one Aurora would actively participate in. I was happy to find this Fall Bucket List with lots of great ideas. I've gotten to most of the easy ones. We've done tons of nature walks. We played with a leaf pile and made leaf art. Sadly apple picking and going to a pumpkin patch were planned but for one reason or another cancelled and now its too late in the season. I would still like to make s'mores and have a picnic before winter comes.
Here Aurora is decorating her first pumpkin.

Here are our finished pumpkins.

I took Aurora trick-or-treating for the first time. She said thank you for the first couple houses. What a sweet little girl.
Loving her candy!
We went to Pumpkin Madness at Cox Farms today. You bring your old pumpkins and they drop them from way up high, catapult them into the lake, or smash them with the tractor. They also had hayrides, a corn maze, animals, and lots of slides.
Here we are on the hayride.
Riding the slides.

And going through the corn maze.
It was a great time!
Its been a beautiful and precious Fall.
What did you do for fun?


  1. I love this! You guys look like such a happy family! Happy fall! (Or winter here in Wyoming...)

  2. Fun!

    I love Aurora's concentration while painting her pumpkin. She is a doll.

    We had lots of fun trick-or-treating this year and doing many of the things on that list!