NaBloPoMo: What have you learned about yourself through blogging?

  • Blogging has taught me that writing is my thing. There are people who paint. There are people who scrapbook. There are people who clean their house really well. Writing is what gives me that calm accomplished high. I would love to get really good at it.
  • Blogging has taught me I am not self motivated. Despite wanting to write frequently, I don't when I think no one will ever read what I've written. Comments make me want to write more. I need connection. I need feedback. And I need a little bit of direction sometimes.
  • Through blogging I've learned that I kinda miss school. Not getting up in the morning and attending classes, but writing papers. Particularly essays. I really like having written a good essay.
  • Blogging continues to teach me that I am fine. I learn it when I read other people's blogs and I teach it to myself time and time again as I finish an emotional post. I am fine. There is nothing that happens to me that doesn't happen in some way or another to another person. I am not alone. I am capable. I am absolutely fine just the way I am.  


  1. I read all your blog posts! I'll comment more :)

  2. I miss being a student, too. I love to write essays, but apparently I need the incentive of an assignment and a grade to do so. Kind of sad, isn't it?