NaBloPoMo: My Writing Voice

Well my first post on the subject disapeared into a computer black hole like a college research paper the night before a big due date, so this post will be shorter and less awesome because I used up all my good ideas on the first one and now I got the little ones on my tail. 
My writing voice from what I hear is brutally honest. I tell the whole truth about how I'm feeling and what's going on. I'm honest in real life too, I just am less likely to make people worried and uncomfortable. Writing is my free therapy. When things get to be too much, I write. That makes me sound like I've never got it together because every post reads like a complaint or a plea to heaven for help. Luckily I usually have a glimmer of humor in my posts so things don't get thick as brick. 
I love how writing gives a chance to the author to check the sound of their voice before anyone else hears it. I write, read, rewrite and repeat until what I've written says what I intended it to and the tone is right.  In real life, I am talking and simultaneously wondering if the person smiling at me is smiling because they understand me or because they are thinking "What the heck is this lady talking about?"
Anyway, that's all I have to say for now. My kids are getting crazy. 

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