NABloPoMo: 5 Interesting Things

This month I'm trying something new in order to get me to write more often, NaBloPoMo. Basically, I'm given prompts for what to write about and then I post every day, except weekends.
Today I'm to post 5 interesting things about myself. 

1. When I run out of shampoo, I do not go out and buy the same kind. I have to try something different every time. I love a new smell or a new softness to my hair. Even the look of a new bottle. Sometimes I even get some hotel shampoo out of my stash and use it mid regular bottle just to get the new feeling.
2. I have acquired over 20 new bottles of nail polish in the last 5 months. I'm normally getting 5 max a year. It's Julep that's got me addicted. I cannot stop trying out new colors. And not just on my tootsies like a normal stay at home mom, but on my fingers. And I've changed colors 3 times a week one week. I'm not even that great at doing my nails! 
3. I'm a freak about keeping my babies' nap times silent. I have serious anxiety when people are around when my baby naps. I hate when people open or shut doors. I asked my husband if he could please not even shut the bathroom door when my daughter is asleep (he still does). Quiet voices and quiet play from everyone too. I once ashed my mother-in-law to take off her loud shoes in her own house. My three year old told me, "Mom, you worry too much." I was the same way with my first daughter. 
4. I asked my husband to marry me. I couldn't stand waiting for him to ask me. 
5. I have an alter ego named Cheryl. I don't use her often now that I have kids. She's really crazy, but crazy can be fun. 


  1. Nice to meet you, Melanie. Or is that Cheryl? My given name is Cheryl, but family members and some friends have always called me Sheri. Not really an alter-ego, but confusing to a lot of people. :)

  2. You are too funny Melanie! I am the same way with shampoos

  3. I have been contemplating signing up for Julep, but am still undecided. I have a daughter that loves nail polish, so maybe it would be a neat thing to do. I also experiment with shampoos.

    I feel for you with the anxiety about absolute quiet naps. I struggled with this for the first couple of months with my oldest child. Then I said, forget this. In a real world, there are always sounds around us that can be disruptive to even the most peaceful sleep. My kids could sleep through a freight train coming through the house, because they were accustomed to loud noises when they slept. However, I do feel your pain with wanting your babies to get a good sleep :)

    I'd love to read more about Cheryl.

    Glad I found your blog on BlogHer. I look forward to reading more! Thank you!

    1. Yea they just changed the Julep membership so you have to take the Maven Box a certain amount of months before you can earn a skip. If that was the way it had been when I signed up, I wouldn't have done it. When I signed up, you could skip whenever you want and I still can. I haven't skipped in a while though. I love their polish.