Dear Bob

I've been watching you. You know, when we bought you I imagined you'd have the intellect and entertainment value of a goldfish. But your something else. Not just because the 13.99 crab shack and kit you came with proved worthless and I spent $100 getting you new supplies. Nope. You've opened my eyes. I've become obsessed with helping you live because you are teaching me so much about my life. You'll start to see that soon enough. 
First lets talk about how "simple" it is to have you as a pet. You need access to salt dechlorinated water and regular dechlorinated. You need fresh food every day and don't like the same thing in a row. You need your glass tank full of coconut fiber kept between 70-80 degrees and above 70% humidity. You need two extra change of shells. You need things to entertain yourself with. You need company. Lack of any of these things and you die a long slow painful death.  We aren't so different you and I. I too have a long list of requirements that prevent me from a long slow painful death. Chocolate, So You Think You Can Dance, phone calls from my mom, a date with my husband a couple times a year etc. 
I think we both know something is wrong with your new companion Eva. It's pretty obvious. Its hard not to notice when someones missing a leg. Whether she pulled it out herself or someone else did it we may never know.  I admire you so much for the way you've reacted. She comes into your space walking weird and acting dramatic when you go to say hello. You could have got defensive, but you didn't. You showed her you weren't a threat. You stood by while she needed space. You gave her your cave and you kept her company from the entrance. I was so happy to see she finally let you in. I have to tell ya Bob. I'm a bit more like Eva that I am you. You are a good crabby. 
I've noticed that you are not interested in me. I get close and you pull into your shell. That's fine. I do the same thing when big obstacles show up in my way.  I hope you realize one day my big scary hand is arranging all the pieces that will get you to your next molt. Molting is pretty stressful I hear. You lose your hard exterior and become a newer better crab. But you're all sensitive for awhile and need to be treated gently. I get that. I'm going through a sorta molt right now. I'm still in the part where you hide and cry for weeks. But it's all for the better. I can't see it now but someone is keeping an eye on my humidity and temperature too. I hear he can't wait to see me emerge bigger and better. So don't stress too much Bob because at least you can see me. You know when I'm around. But I guess I know He is around too. 
I love you Bob. 
Sincerely, Melanie 
P.s. I hope you'll understand when I tell you there's a likelihood we will move in a year or two so get all you can outa life now because your not coming with us. Xoxo


  1. Mel, you crack me up! I love that you and "Bob" have so much in common.

  2. I meant Eva. Bob is the best! I love your devotion to him.....at least until you move!

  3. This is beyond fantastic. I love it!! Thanks for sharing it with me!