Me and My Lovey

Aurora's fever got to 103.9 degrees on Thursday. She just wanted to be held and rocked. She is not a snuggler so I was in heaven. I hated to know that she wasn't feeling well but was truly thankful that I got the opportunity to spend all day hugging this precious beautiful girl that was mine.
 I think that has been one of the most beautiful things about being a parent for me. I am someone's main person. She trusts me more than anyone else and I make everything all better for her. I have felt special bonds with kids, especially my nephews, but I knew that I could never compare to the bond they had with their mothers. And that's a beautiful thing.
I try to make Aurora feel special and important, but really I think she does a better job for me.
Now that you've had a second for that to digest, I just need to say how incredibly sick I am of the whiny sick baby routine. Its been 4 days!! Snap out of it. And when will the vomit smell disapear from the carpet?!

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  1. Oh the joys and horrors of sick kids. :)
    I love when they get snuggly like that too.