Aurora, age 2

Aurora is a lively girl. She doesn't spend much time in one place. She loves to go to play in her new sandbox and go to the park. She loves to have one of her parents hold her while the other chases her. She calls this game "Getchu" (get you). Aurora loves robots. Her favorite shows are Wall E and Team Umizoomi. She especially likes the Umizoomi episode called "Cuckoo" which has characters called cuckoo bears in it. Many times when I ask her a question about what she sees when we are outside or who did something she will reply "cuckoo bears". She likes to tell me what she loves. "I love a cake. I love a candy. I love a robot." We play a game in the car where I say "I love Aurora" and she replies "I love a Momma." She loves to eat noodles and drink "juice" pop. She and the cat Cabello get along well. When he is laying out in the sun, she likes to go lay by him. Normally he avoids staying to close to her since she isn't too gentle with him, but the other day she called to him outside and he came. Aurora still uses her binky and loves her little yellow ducky blanket. She likes to sing twinkle twinkle little star when she is supposed to be napping. She sings the alphabet song and counts to 12. Not perfectly, but still I think shes a genius for even trying. She loves her "pa pa" (Brady's dad) and tells me she misses him all the time. She got so used to getting presents last month that she is disappointed when she wakes up and there isn't any presents and often tells Brady to bring her one home when he leaves for work. Aurora is still very sensitive to sound and has a hard time playing with other kids who make a lot of noise. She cries when kids scream or cry. She is also very sensitive about having her teeth brushed or her hair washed or combed. She seems to show all the signs that she is ready to be potty trained except for the actual desire. She told me yesterday "I am NOT going in the potty" and refuses to sit on her potty without her diaper on.Aurora is a very good communicator and I am enjoying hearing the things that are on her mind. She is very concerned about her things and will point out to me that what she is holding is "Aurora's. Not for Lola." Lola is a friend about her age. I am starting to see her play pretend with me. She will try to get me to pretend that something is happening just for fun. It is so fun!  This is my favorite age so far.
She is a smart, sassy, beautiful little girl whom I love so very much!

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