My Good Deeds

Aug 30- Saved a child and large dog from a burning row boat.
Aug 31- Assisted in the birthing of quadruplet hippos.
Sept 1- Listened to an old woman tell her life story in Swahili.
Sept 2- Gave away both batches of my peanut butter oatmeal chocolate chip cookies to a starving neighbor after fertilizing my other neighbor's 20 acre lawn
Sept 3- Sent all my good socks to those people who work in mines chipping away coal with their bare hands.
What a succesful week! Well, having good intentions does not get the job done. Last week I announced that I was doing a good deed every day for a week. I didn't.
My actual report is this: The day after I wrote the blog post, I signed up online to take a meal to a mom on bedrest. Apparently someone else must have signed up at the same time because another person's name appeared on the Care Calendar and not mine. I was planning on the actual making of the meal to be my second good deed. So instead of attempting to do any more good deeds I went to Virginia Beach. So the only actual good deeds I've done this week were give my husband's feet a tiny massage (I hate feet) and throw away an old juice box at the park.
So I apologize to me and you for getting our hopes up than I would be a better person this week. Now I am going to forgive myself and move on.

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  1. No good deeds are tiny. A foot massage and cleaning up litter are worthy of making you a better person this week, than you were last! Melanie ROCKS!