Standing Still

Do you ever feel frustrated that you cannot see any personal progress? I am sitting here thinking "Am I a better person than I was last week?" Sadly, I think the answer today is no. Inside and out, I am no better. When confronted with guidance or criticism I still jump to my defense. My treat eating has gotten out of control. I still wonder what's in this for me when I should be acting out of love for my fellow man.
So, I am making a goal right now to do something every day for the next week that is purely for the benefit of someone else. Because good people serve others, not themselves. To hold myself accountable, and not to get kudos from my readers, I will keep record and report my acts next week.


  1. You are a good person. Period. That said, serving others is a grand thing and good for you.......what a great idea. I think I will join you this week. I will post under your posts what I did as well.

  2. I'm feeling that way lately too. So I've started crocheting and have worked on a baby blanket every day. Its going to a friend with a new baby girl. I know it may not be exactly what you were thinking, but its what I'm working on right now. I want to be making myself a blanket. Instead I"m being of service to someone else. Sometimes its hard to do that, but its always worth it.