Goodbye Boob Juice

It's been a day and a half since I last breastfed my 14 month old daughter. I guess that means she is weaned. I know I'm supposed to be feeling free right now but I'm not. I'm feeling very sad. I'm sad that our special mandatory snuggle time is over. Now I will be lucky to get a snuggle, unless she's incredibly sleepy or sick. I'm sad that now I don't get to eat 300 extra calories. I'm sad that her nutritional superfood  isn't  going to be included in her daily intake anymore. I have been proud to know that even when her solid diet was less than stellar at least I was giving her one thing perfectly. 
Breastfeeding is such an emotional experience. It's been so hard but so great. I'm so glad it worked out for us for so long. 


  1. You always make me laugh so hard! I love seeing a new post in my e-mail! Not being a mother, this was also an eye-opener to the emotions involved.

  2. That momma baby time is so special and the end of breast feeding can be so hard. It was for me too. Hudson weaned himself at 8 months old. He just didn't want it anymore. The feeling of rejection hit me hard. I'll send lots of good snuggle juju in hopes that Lizzie will still curl up on your chest :)