NaBloPoMo: How has blogging changed my life?

I first blogged on January 17, 2008. At that time my husband was in his first year of medical school which meant he studied a lot of the time that he wasn't at school. I was lonely and bored and feeling lost. I was a thousand or so miles away from any family. I was living in a townhome community full of fellow medical student families that I was having trouble relating too. A lot of the ladies around me had blogs too.  They updated their families with pictures and were really very adorable with their posts about what they'd been up to. I intended on finding happiness on my blog that same way.
My first post I basically stated that I was starting the blog. My second post was a romantic recollection of my husband and I reuniting after he spent 6 weeks at military officers boot camp. It was so fun to write. The posts that followed were about Iowa sunsets, the state fair, and Twilight. I really enjoyed sharing them as well. I was appearing to others to be happy and enjoying life.
Then came Antidepressant Withdrawal Hell . My blog went from sharing just a piece of me to sharing my soul. I became a more authentic me. It was my own personal coming out of the closet. People responded to that post where they hadn't as well with the others.  I felt seen and heard. I have been able continue sharing that authentic me through my blogs. No matter that I've moved around, some of the same people are still "seeing" me. I can share a deeper me, whenever I need to, whether or not there is anyone around to acknowledge me. Blogging saves my life.... and probably my husband's. Blogging has given me a pseudo-friend who is always available and that has changed everything.

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  1. One thing I've always admired is how you speak the truth, like here's all the facts about me, in a way that is very relatable. I remember after Aurora was born and we spent time together. I left feeling like you were wonder woman because here you were dealing with things that I too dealt with, only I hid it and was embarrassed. But you weren't (or didn't seem that way). It was a simple "this is what I'm dealing with". Love the blog for the same reasons.