NaBloPoMo: Do you share too much on your blog? Too you hold back too much?

What is too much?
Do I share things that are too personal? Only I can decide what's too personal. I know a lot of people don't like to share their feelings publicly, so for them what I write might be too personal. But for me its not. Before I hit publish I imagine people reading my post and notice whether or not that makes me uncomfortable. If it does, I don't publish.

Do I hold back too much?
I use this blog like a therapist. When your in therapy you don't hold back. You say your whole truth. But even I know that there are times when you should hold back even when it would feel so good not to. The thing that I am most tempted to blog about, that I know would be great therapy for me, is my relationship with my husband.  He is in a medical residency and is exhausted all the time. I get really frustrated and am tempted to vent. But I know relationships are delicate. You can say something to your spouse that you regret and they may forgive you. But when you say something about that relationship to the world on the internet, whether or not the subject reads it, it sticks. It injects poison. There is no going back from that. So no, I don't hold back too much. Holding back is right.

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  1. I think you are spot on with your husband. He's a great guy and only you (a few select close people I. Your life) can understand that he may have his rough days and you can vent to them about it because they will love him and support you both with no judgement. The internet world makes us feel like we can have an opinion about other peoples lives and because it's so easy to post things in a comment instead of talking Face to face I feel that negatives are easier to say. Yes post feelings and what you feel is appropriate but keep those closest to you as your own secret treasures.