My Therapist Can Talk to Animals- Part 2

On my third visit to Doctor Griffin, I brought Brady and baby Lizabelle with me. The doctor wanted to know how he saw things with me and our relationship and have me share how I saw things with him. Brady was of the opinion that anything he could do to help me feel better, he would do it. His opinion started to change the moment we entered the "waiting room."
He, like I had, wondered if we should knock or something before entering. I told him it was fine if we just went in and waited. He, holding Lizzie, entered the room but would not sit down by me and my orange furry cat friend on the garbage sack lined couch. Lizzie wiggled to get down, but he would not release her. He told me he was going to wait outside and to let him know when the Doctor was ready.
"Come on up!" I opened the front door and called to Brady. We went upstairs and sat down on the same couch I had chosen last time. The doctor greeted us and made small talk with Brady. Lizzie decided she was comfortable enough to leave Brady's lap and explore. She walked over to a pile of small cat toys and picked up a little fuzzy ball. Then came the inevitable, she stuck the little fluff in her mouth. I had gotten used to seeing Lizzie put everything in her mouth, binkies that have dropped on the ground, mulch at the park, week old Cheerios from under the rocking chair. I was not very sensitive to what I saw, after all the doctor had explained that all her cats were disease free and she made sure of such before letting any of them live with her. But Brady was visibly bothered by what had happened and pulled her onto his lap again. The doctor got out a case of extra large plastic Legos to try to help. Brady released her and she was occupied by the new things while we did some talking.
Brady told the woman what our life at home was like. We heard a cat yak somewhere in the room. The doctor brushed it off as nothing. "She does that all the time. She has a weak stomach." We continued our discussion.
Then it was my time for sharing. I told her how I felt, that I was lonely and sad that my husband was so busy all the time. As I continued, nobody seemed to be listening to me. They weren't even looking at me. But then I saw the reason. Lizzie was coming back from behind a couch at the other end of the room. She was moving her jaws and there was something in her hand. "What do you have Lizzie?," I said as I went to her and pried her little hands open. In her hand was dried cat vomit!
The rest of the session is a blur. What I do remember is Brady asking me if I should induce vomiting in Lizzie. If I thought she could catch a disease. That I was never allowed to take her to that house again. I was stunned silent, but that was not my last visit to that house.
I returned, without Lizzie, the following week. I learned that not only did Dr Griffin communicate with and heal animals, she heals people's energy too. She is a Reiki master and does hypnotherapy. Reiki is the belief that all the world is energy. We have our physical bodies and we have our spiritual bodies and our energy bodies. She believes that the things that are wrong with us come from blocked energy. She helps patients learn to restore the flow of energy to our spiritual bodies through EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques.
EFT is an interesting practice that is apparently semi effective; Brady even said when I mentioned it to him that there is some evidence to support its effectiveness at treating some mental illness. Basically there are points on your body that are energy meridians and when you tap them while making affirmative statements you attract abundance and positive energy to your body. I will admit that I never fully committed to EFT, but I did find some comfort in using some of the affirmative statements with myself. There are lots of sites you can go to for further investigation of EFT, but really I'm just giving the woman credit for actually talking about something applicable to humans. But that doesn't mean we are done with our animal talks. In the next part of the story Dr. Griffin communicates with my cat in person.

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