I can type!

I can type lots and lots of words hahaha! For the last probably 6 months I've been limited to typing, if you can call finger plunking typing, on my Ipad. We busted all our computers so its been a long wait till now. My new computer is lovely and I can type to my hearts content as long as I don't mind that my fingers are turning into icicles is this frigid basement.
So just to catch you up on whats going on...
Just play mom. We play make believe most of the day. Usually our play involves robots or babies. Sometimes there are so many imaginary beings in our house I start to feel nervous that the landlord will up the rent. I love watching Lizzie smile and grow and learn, except when its learning how to use toys to get high enough to pull full bowls of oatmeal off the table. I have taken to painting my nails a couple times a week with the help of my Julep subscription. I play makeup, thanks to my Ipsy subscription. I eat a lot of crap food, with a little help from Brady's Treatsie subscription.  I watch Scandal, The Walking Dead, and Downton Abby. We play with our Russian neighbors pretty much every day. We are a good match, if only the 3 year old could speak English. Poor Aurora must be frustrated about that.
The days are long here and the weeks are short.
Right now I'm working on our taxes, getting my pictures off of my iPad and iPhone, a First Year photo book for Lizzie, and a blog book of my second pregnancy. So this computer is gonna get right to work for me.
But I am also gonna start getting my mind to think and write here. Its good exercise. I think it will revive me flabby brain cells.
Oh it feels good to type again. I'll do it again soon.

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  1. I miss you so much! I can feel your sunshiney smile though!