Seeking Advice

So I am super pregnant. With that comes pain, no energy, emotional, irritability. Last pregnancy I sat and watched Lost. I only did what I felt I could do. This pregnancy I am taking care of a terrible two year old. She makes me doubt that I will survive this last month. She makes me ponder whether I am the good mother I thought I was. She causes me to fear what things will be like after the baby is born and I haven't slept much. I just don't understand what I am doing wrong here? Why do I feel like I am approaching my execution?  There is nothing in the google search that can explain to me how to survive getting ready for and having a second child. So... did anyone else struggle the way I am or were you all blissfully excited for your new additon? How do you thrive during this time?


  1. In my experience this is all completely normal. Every time I've added to my family I"ve gone through something similar. With Emilia's pregnancy I questioned my ability daily. I struggled with how much I was taking away from Owen, how things would change. This amazing thing happens though, when that baby is born, and I'm talking as soon as that baby is born. It works. I'm not saying things are completely perfect and wonderful every single day, not at all. But it works. We survive, we thrive. We don't take things away from our kids, which was one of my biggest fears or worries. It will be fine, and this anxiety is normal. It's unknown territory, and it remains unknown every.single.time. (at least in my experience) You are going to rock this Mel!

  2. I am totally to that point but chasing two is way worse! Watch lots of movies!!! You will love having two! The baby brings a new fresh spirit into the home, aurora will love being a big sis. Hang in there!!!

  3. Pray. Pray a lot. Pray more than you have ever prayed before in your life. Its normal to feel this way and it will get better. Just pray.